Aug 18, 2009

2009 in Numbers so far

  • 24 squirrels
  • 19 cottontails
  • 34 opossums
  • 1 beaver
  • 10 raccoons
  • 3 foxes
  • 37 kittens/cats
  • 15 puppies/dogs
  • 60 birds
  • = 203 animals
(45 died or where euthanized, 90% of those cottontails and birds)

I went through 45 lbs of KMR (yes pounds!), 10 lbs of Esbilac, 6000 mealworms, 1000 crickets, a few hundred lbs of dog and cat food, 5 lbs of bird seeds, 30 lbs of hard shelled nuts, 5 bales of hay, 200 lbs of cat litter, 200 lbs of detergant, 50 bottles of bleach, tons of other supplies such as building material, towels, blankets, stuffed animals, toys, chewies, fresh produce, fresh meat, eggs, leave alone the electricity for heating lamps, heating pads, washing and drying, heating up the formula, the water bill went through the roof..

Sometimes I wonder why we rehabbers are not getting publicly funded. After all, we do provide a service to the community. Laws prohibit the general public to possess certain wildlife in most cases, but they do not support the ones that are at the end of the line feeding those critters.

That needs to change!

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