Nov 20, 2009

Pigeons name Hawk and MonaLisa

I received "Hawk" about 2 weeks ago. He was brought in by a caring people who found this bird unable to fly on their property. They reported lots of gunshots (it's dove hunting season) on their surrounding properties.

I assume that there's a game farm that breeds these kind of pigeons for hunters to come and pay to get in and shoot these birds.

These kind of pigeons are pretty large which makes them sitting targets, because they don't fly very well and they also offer a lot of meat for eating, I suppose.

In any case, "Hawk" got away with some broken feathers, but he was lonely.

So I asked around and thanks to a fellow rehabber, we found another lone pigeons looking very similar to our Hawk, that was just as lonely:

This is Mona Lisa!

Note: neither of the bird is banded.

So we decided to pair these 2 up so they can live happily ever after, right here at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue (unless somebody with an entire flock is interested in taking them and can guarantee that no harm will come to them, then I will act in the best interest of the animals):

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