Apr 9, 2010

Rehabber Prayers

Rehabbers Prayer
by Susan Saliga

Give us strength today we pray,
And light our path along the way.
Lend our hands Your healing touch,
For wildones that need us much.
We ask for hope and courage too.
Help us know what’s best to do.
You’ve led them here into our care,
Please help us ease the pain they bear.
When weariness invades our souls,
And sleepless nights take their toll,
Bathe us with Your healing Light
And lift us gently with Your might.
Give us faith to set them free.
To earth and water, to sky and tree.
And if You call them back to stay,
Ease their passage home we pray

A Rehabbers Prayer
by Joan Holland

Heavenly Father I ask Thee
to guide my hands this day,
To carry the weak, heal the sick
I take home with me today

This little helpless creature
that depends on me for life
doesn't understand my feelings
as I stand in vigel hours
waiting for some sign of life

Grant me wisdom and mercy
as I do right by them today
oh, Lord firgive my lack of knowledge
I do the best I can, I pray

Thank you Lord, for this small life
I hold now in my hand,
that You will show him mercy
and allow him to survive.

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