Apr 28, 2008

Rushed Olivia to the Vet this morning...

I had quite a scare this morning! I woke up and found Olivia trembling all over, not wanting to get up at all.

Since she was spayed 5 days ago, she has been displaying strange behavior such as running around in circles and whining, hoarding toys (she was never interested in toys before), looking for something, but I couldn't figure out what. She wouldn't eat, only with lots of enticement and real meat mixed into the dry food to encourage her through the smell.

I was told to look for behavioral changes, because of the rabid skunk incident, to which she was not exposed, but I am a little bit paranoid about that situation and decided it's better safe than sorry, so I rushed Olivia to the vet this morning.

Turned out our good ole gal here is having a false pregnancy! She's got milk and shows all the signs of becoming a mother, but I didn't put 2 and 2 together, since she had just been spayed!

Bless her heart, she sure is going through a lot. I will try to introduce the new kittens I got in yesterday to her, see if she adopts them.

At least now I'm not worried anymore that something is physically wrong with her, it's "just" the hormones going bonkers on her. Welcome to the club is all I can say lol. I know how it feels!!!

Well, we'll get through this too. I'll plan to go to the shelter in a little bit and finalize the adoption.

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