Apr 28, 2008

Stephenville, TX: Adopt Mister Mellow, Pekinese, through Petfinder.com


Stephenville, TX: Adopt Mister Mellow, Pekinese
Mister Mellow
Mister Mellow

Mister Mellow has spent a full month and the shelter already. However, since this is not a no-kill shelter and space is scarce, his time is limited.

Mister Mellow deserves his name with every ounce of his being. He is not fearful, just very mellow.

His sweet personality makes him suitable for a home with other pets and/or children, but for an older person as well.

He is not neutered and there is no other history on the dog. He is approximately 4 years old, maybe a little bit older.

He does not bark much, but is interested in his surroundings and wants to play a modest part in somebody's life and heart.

Do you have a heart for Mister Mellow?

For more information and photos click HERE.

Erath County Humane Society Adoption Fees apply!

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