Aug 2, 2009

Doves, Opossums and a Bunny

To continue from the previous post, here are pictures of the doves that are growing up at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue. The 3 white-winged doves and one mourning dove are sharing the enclosure with 3 baby opossums and my bunny Max.

All critters are co-existing just fine:

Here is Mary, the oldest dove that keeps coming back to help care of the little ones:

(click on the picture to see a larger version of it!)

The mourning dove and her buddy, another white-winged dove:

And the smallest baby:

Down in the corner you can see Max, who has a way with birds!

Above him you see this squirrel house:

If you look inside, you won't see squirrels, but these 3 critters:

Ohoh, they saw us and think we are bringing them some food!

This is what they looked like when I got them with their eyes still closed. One didn't make it:

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